What's A Bug-out Bag

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What's A Bug-out Bag

Your standard BOB, as my friends in the industry call it, should contain the necessary items to survive on the move for at least seventy-two hours. Some are bigger than others, of course, but just like people, their purpose is the same regardless of their size. 

This article may generate more questions in you than I can anticipate as I write it from the comfort of my luxurious hideaway. What industry? For example, or does he actually have any friends? But despite your doubt, I can tell you that the first time I came across the term Bug-out bag was while working with human intelligence professionals and other government security agents. People working under a cover, especially non-official ones, need to move fast and disappear if that cover is blown. Spies and criminals (different labels for similar occupations) have used bug-out bags since the need to survive on the move has been necessary; they are the original preppers, the smarter ones are, anyway. PERKS, 72-HOUR BAG, Battle Box, or the Good Bag, whatever you decide to call it, it is intended to help you survive as you move through and away from danger. And I think everybody should have one.

So, knowing that I once worked in government security, and after I confess my association with certain criminal organisations, you can understand why I don't have too many friends if any. Still, my dog has proven faithful without asking too many questions. 

Another facet of the population, and may I say one that offers more benefit to society that appreciates these bags, are those lovely people we know as survivalists. Survivalism is a strong movement globally - and one that has grown in size and public acceptance in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic through which we are currently working. 

Survivalism is about being prepared for any emergency brought about by natural change; changes in social, familial, and political circumstances are all reasons to adapt to different conditions and often that adaptation requires the availability of specific tools and resources. Survivalists ensure that availability by planing for these potential changes before they happen.  

Another question that may have already occurred to you is about the contents of your bug-out bag. What should you have in your Battle Box? The answer to that question is much longer and more meaningful than my list of friends or the reasons my dog thinks I'm unique, but the very basic list is as follows. 


  1. Water and food
  2. Money or something else with trading value
  3. Clothing appropriate to geography and climate
  4. First aid
  5. Communication - portable radio or phone
  6. A plan - adequate to your circumstances
  7. Protection - firearms and ammunition


You must be strategic about the contents of your bag as each of the items on this list could fill entire large boxes. 

It is worth repeating that while the current global conditions (an event survivalists consider a mid-level) have increased the popularity of this movement in the public consciousness, survivalism is older than most people think. It deserves all the attention we can give it. 


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