Cults: Surviving Psychological Trauma

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Cults: Surviving Psychological Trauma

Apologies, first of all, for my long absence. Life has moved in expected directions, with better consequences than anticipated. Our mission remains, and while our framework has changed, our desire to help abides. This short article serves to restart our conversation and remind us of our promise to do what we set out to do.

I will leave you here with the contribution of a trusted friend on one of our Twitter posts.

"Cult-like behaviour IS prevalent during times and in places of instability. Uncertainty creates tension that our minds need to release, this manifests as a strong need to bring about change for the sake of catharsis - cults, gangs, and other groups give us that catharsis. As someone who has personal experience with the cult mentality, I want to tell you that this is a crucial conversation.

As the Tweet says: we often need to survive psychological catastrophes. The problem is that, like many physical, natural catastrophes, psychological abuse within a cult or gang framework is almost impossible to detect when it's happening to us.

Remember that people are brought into cults or gangs by people they know and trust, making the dangers harder to see.

As Peyton knows, it was my involvement in investigating recruitment for the purpose of human trafficking that now prevents me from showing my real identity on social media and other places. It is one reason I cannot see him even when I'm dying to hold him. The negative consequences of that cult-like behaviour are immense. I have seen people lose everything to these gangs, even their lives. I have seen parents give their children to their leaders as offerings to their supposedly divine powers. I have known of children killing their families at the command of those leaders. The importance of this message can't be understated, especially during these special times.

Survival is of interest to me. I'm glad to be part of this team, and I know I can help make a difference."

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I hope this sheds some light on the full spectrum of survival knowledge. We will be posting more often from now on, and there are many useful products being prepared. 


Thanks, it's good to be back. 

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